I’ve Become Very Choosy


Everyone has heard the phrase “life is made up of choices”, whether it was from your mom giving you parental advice as you left the house when you were 16, or maybe in a self-help or dieting article urging you to take the next step toward a healthy lifestyle, or maybe you quickly scrolled past it on your Twitter newsfeed tweeted by one of those “things girls say” accounts with a picture of Ryan Gosling quoting “life is made up of choices, I choose you baby”. Wherever you’ve seen or heard the old adage it may have sounded just as cliché to you as it does to me. However, in the past year of my life there isn’t a concept I’ve considered more than “Life is made up of choices, YOUR OWN CHOICES”.

This last year, well actually three years, of change, choices, and life lessons are the inspiration for the creation of this blog. My husband Jesse and I are constantly hearing the call of an adventure just around the corner. We have collectively made some decisions that led to amazing experiences far out of our league and we’ve also made some decisions that led to rough terrain and hard (but valuable) lessons. When I look back at our history book it is easy to see that our story was directly affected by the conscious choices we made.

The truth is, your mom was right, life IS made up of choices every single day. You can choose to chase your dreams or just hope they somehow come true on their own. You can choose to love or be guided by wishy-washy emotions. You can choose to work less or let your work be the main focus in your life. You can choose to forgive or let bitterness control you. You can choose to use your time wisely or waste it on things that don’t matter. You can choose to make a difference or be satisfied with how things already are.

I am not saying making choices is an easy thing; but I’ve noticed when you start taking steps forward toward an intentional life you find there is room for failure and grace to try again.

Together, Jesse and I have decided to live a life of choosing. We choose to be married. We choose to love. We choose to work less and live more. We choose to travel. We choose to believe. We choose to create. We choose to pursure what we love. We choose to invest in people. We choose to be inspired. We choose to find joy in the every- day things of life.

Our hope is that our stories and silly little blogs will somehow inspire you to make choices and not just let your life happen to you. You can do it! You have every reason to be great, every reason to be successful, every reason to have an amazing, fulfilling life…all you need to do is start making choices that reflect that amazing potential inside of you.




4 thoughts on “I’ve Become Very Choosy

  1. In a world full of people always wanting more, having more and doing more, it’s refreshing (and quite brave actually) to chose to work less and live more!! Just goes to show you that you don’t have to have a lot of money, to have a lot of fun!! I am amazed at the life you live! Good for you! Love, Coke

  2. So good! I’m currently writing along the same lines as this…super encouraging to see others are as well! 🙂 Excited for you two!

    -Hannah- (Dimond)

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